Are you a couple looking to bring better communication and more understanding into your relationship?

Look no further.

A New Approach to Us: Communicate 2 Connect is an online course which has all the tools and strategies you and your partner need to move past the bickering and arguing and create the relationship you know you both deserve.


Hand up if you’re  tired of….

 + Arguing about the same old issues over and over again
+ Feeling like what you have to say isn’t as valued by your partner as it should be
+ Walking away from your conversations not feeling heard and understood
+ Always discussing your problems, but not getting anywhere productive
+ Feeling helpless in handling the issues necessary to make the relationship work

If this sounds like you,
you’re definitely not alone.


While most of us understand coming into our relationships that there will be a few inevitable bumps in the road, no one anticipates how much of an obstacle a lack of strong communication can be in creating the relationship you want.

So I’ve created this brand new online course to help you get back the peace of mind you deserve to have in your relationship!

In it, I will help you put your finger on the thing keeping you and your partner from being able to be heard and understood and walk you through specific ways you can find a connection with each other once again.

Let Me Explain What’s In It For You…

What You Get With The Course…


FOUR Recorded Sessions

Throughout the course of the four sessions, I will be guiding you through the content with a mix of personal video and presentation. It’s personable, but easy to follow and understand with the accompanying visuals.


Downloadable Videos, MP3’s and Slides

Would you prefer to have access to the content on-the-go? It’s all downloadable and available in multiple formats, so you can choose the option that best fits your learning style.


Digital / Printable Workbook

To make your life a whole lot easier while working through this course, I’ve put together a comprehensive workbook for you to take advantage of. You have the option of downloading and typing directly into it or printing it and writing in it physically. The choice is yours.


Email Support / Private Coaching Sessions

While you’re taking the course, I will be available via email to help guide you and answer your questions. For those who choose the Plus package, you’ll get 30-day email support with the course. For those who choose the VIP package, you’ll also have email access, plus a 90-minute private coaching session.

Here’s How It All Goes Down [Session by Session]…

Session 1: Getting To Know Your Communication Styles

Our first order of business is to review the 3 main communication styles and help you identify your own.

Then we’re going to discuss the role gratitude plays in improving your communication. It matters more than you think.

Lastly, we’ll talk about the wrong way to be honest each other. Honesty is the key to building intimacy, but can be hurtful if used the wrong way.


Session 2: Your Toolbox For Better Communiation

In this session, we review two tools you can put to use right away that will immediately help you improve the quality of your communication.

The first tool I walk you through is my 5 step process for getting through any conversation peacefully. This tool will ensure you walk away from your conversations being heard and understood.

The second tool is a process for being a great listener. This tool will ensure your partner walks away from the conversation being heard and understood.

Healthy communication is a two way street. I’ve got you covered for both.


Session 3: Getting To The Root Of Your Issues

There’s the issue you typically argue about, and then there’s the real issue behind that.

We’re going to kick off this session talking about why the problem you’re dealing with isn’t always about what you think it’s about and how to make sure you’re hashing out the right thing and not wasting time.

Then we’re going to cover the four toxic barriers that not only keep you from improving your relationship, but will break your relationship down if not handled well.

Lastly, I walk you through an exercise to help you remove those toxic barriers so you can find connection and get comfortable opening up with each other.


Session 4: Finding Common Ground

In this module, we’re going to talk about the art of compromise. Communicating well doesn’t guarantee agreement, so we’re going to discuss how to find a compromise you both feel good about.

Second, we’re going to discuss the common myth of fighting fair. To fight fair is such common advice, but it might not be as good for your relationship as you might think.

Lastly, I’m going to show you just 5 words that will help you diffuse any argument you might find yourselves having.

A New Approach: V.I.P. Upgrade…

Would you prefer a more personalized and in-depth experience? If so, take advantage of the VIP upgrade for the course.

While the Plus package includes everything listed above, the VIP package includes an in-person [or Skype based for couples living outside of NYC] 90-minute private coaching session with me.

The content in this course will help give you all the tools and insight you need to improve your communication and your relationship, but this private coaching session will help you identify some of the beliefs that are holding you back and find ways to move past them.

Is This Course Right For Us?

This course is right for you if..

You’re willing to try something new to get the results you’re looking for in your relationship

You want to know how to resolve your issues so they don’t keep coming back over and over again

You’re ready to commit to the process of creating a better relationship

You want to learn the insights and tools you need to find a way forward that works for the both of you

This course is NOT right for you if..

You’re only interested in finding a one-shot fix for your issues

You have no desire to change how you communicate and compromise

You’re not willing to own up to your part in the problems you both face

You won’t invest the time and effort required to change your relationship

You’re not willing to put in the effort when you’re NOT in conflict

What Other Couples are Saying about the Course

  • This course was extremely helpful to my relationship as it helped us look inwardly at the way we communicated with each other and how we can improve it. I truly believe our communication has improved with Jay’s guidance. The course also helped me to see that other couples have very similar issues and that we weren’t alone in learning to deal with them.

    Henry – Manhattan, NY
  • This course helped give me and my fiance a new perspective on communicating within our relationship. I really appreciated the fact that Jay shared his relationship experiences and tips that work well from him without promoting them as the be-all-end-all-solutions.

    Tonya – Brooklyn, NY

Your Investment…

The course is $147 USD

or $275 USD for the VIP package

Your Happiness Guarantee…

If you work through the first two sessions of the course and are not totally happy, I will refund your enrollment cost.

I offer this guarantee because I have complete faith in this content and I know that if you commit to doing the work and taking action, you’ll be able to improve your communication and the quality of your relationship significantly.

Please note that “change of mind” refunds are not permitted – you must demonstrate that you have participated in the course before requesting a refund.

Refunds must be requested in writing to within 14 days of the course purchase date to be eligible.

Frequently Asked Questions…

Who is this course for?

Couples who are tired of fussing and arguing and are looking to take control of the quality of their relationship.

How do I access this course?

The entire course is online [except for the private coaching sessions]. If you choose, you will have the opportunity to download the sessions in video, mp3 or presentation format to have access to at your own convenience.

Will I get a refund if I’m not happy with the course?

If you’re not satisfied with the course, you may request a full refund within 30 days of your purchase.

What happens after I enroll?

After you enroll, you’ll receive 2 emails. The first will welcome you to the course and let you know what to expect as you move forward. The second email will contain your link to the member’s area of the course along with your sign-in information to get started!


Got a burning question I haven’t answered?

I’m available to answer your questions so you can feel 100% confident that this is a good investment for you and your relationship in the long run. So don’t hesitate to send me an email and ask away!